For the Airmen, by the Airmen; AFAF lends critical support to fellow Airmen


One day, you or an Airman you may know may need financial support to fly home for an unexpected family emergency or a surviving Air Force spouse may need temporary housing and that’s when the Air Force Assistance Fund will be there to take care of our Airmen – both path and present.  

The AFAF is an annual effort to raise funds for the charitable affiliates that provide support to the Air Force family in need (active duty, retirees, reservists, guard and dependents, including surviving spouses. The charitable affiliate organizations provide support in an emergency, with educational needs, or a secure retirement home for widows or widowers of Air Force members in need of financial assistance, according to the AFAF website.  

Contributions for AFAF help active duty, retired, officers and enlisted with emergency needs, educational assistance and family support. Additionally, it provides comfort and dignity to Air Force widows and widowers.  

According to 2nd Lt. Kyle, 70th ISRW AFAF campaign project officer, the wing’s AFAF campaign will run from March 27 till May 5, 2017. The four charities of the AFAF are the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS), the Air Force Enlisted Village (AFEV), the LeMay Foundation, and the Air Force Village. 

Air Force Aid Society 

Whether the emergency is big or small, AFAS exists to help. It may be for an everyday expense like a utility bill, something far more unexpected like the need to fly home for a family funeral, or a request for a special piece of medical equipment to improve the quality of life for a disabled child. Last year, AFAS awarded more than 2,600 education grants of $2,250 each and 19 $5,000 merit scholarships to the children and spouses of Air Force members. 

Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation 

The Air Force Village opened its door in 1970 with the core charitable mission to care for retired Air Force officers’ widowed spouses who need financial assistance.  

LeMay Foundation 

The LeMay Foundation awards grants to enlisted and officer retirees’ surviving spouses.  

Air Force Enlisted Village (AFEV) 

AFEV mission is to provide a home. Spouses are their priority, but they serve the entire Air Force family. AFEV offers a home to moms of active duty and retired military members and provides temporary housing to surviving spouses of enlisted members who die while on active duty or to active duty members when tragedy strikes.  

One of the main goals of the 70th ISRW AFAF committee is to make 100 percent contact with all the 70th ISRW personnel. The wing is currently at 53 percent contact at the end of Week 3.  

“The AFAF committee consist of Installation Planning Officers, Unit Planning Officers and keyworkers,” said Kyle. “From the top-down, the goal is to spread the word and give anyone who wants information on AFAF and the four associated charities, the resources they need. At the keyworker level, face-to-face contact with every member of their assigned section by informational e-mails and announcements, followed up by a ‘stop at your desk’.”  

For more information or to donate to the Air Force Assistance Fund, contact your unit project officer or squadron key worker. Or you can visit to fill out an AF 2561 Contribution Form.