Pringle applauds courage, hard work at 25th Air Force


Displaying courage and working hard were among the topics discussed during a presentation by the Joint Base San Antonio and 502nd Air Base Wing commander, Brig. Gen. Heather Pringle, Jan. 19 at 25th Air Force Headquarters.

Pringle began by expressing her appreciation.

“I am thankful for what you do to make our nation stronger, smarter, making better decisions because we have good information,” she said to the nearly 100 Airmen in attendance. “Each and every one of you is important. Don’t ever forget that you are important, no matter what you do, where you do it or what you feel, you are important.”

She explained that she believes in working hard.

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing,” Pringle said, quoting Theodore Roosevelt. “And, we are here to help you be more successful at the 25th.”

Pringle said it is a privilege and an opportunity to work for our nation, answering the call.

“No matter what you are wearing, you have answered the call and are serving the nation,” she said.  

Joint Base San Antonio’s mission partners believe in helping accomplish the mission, and Pringle meets with them on a regular basis.

“If you are here in San Antonio, and you could serve anywhere our Air Force is, anywhere around the world, consider yourself lucky to be here in Military City U.S.A., because it is amazing what they do here to celebrate America’s military,” Pringle said.

Pringle is responsible for the largest Joint Base in the Department of Defense consisting of over 266 mission partners, 80,000 full-time personnel and a local community of more than 250,000 retirees.

Prior to assuming her current position, Pringle served as the executive officer to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.