Meade Attic: New look, new location


The Meade Attic has a new home. Earlier this year, the Meade Attic, which is operated strictly by volunteers, moved its location to 392 Llewellyn Ave., Fort Meade, Md., 20755, which is next to the Thrift Shop.

The Meade Attic provides free household goods to junior enlisted service members of any branch and their families (E-1 through E-6). Household goods include kitchen items, home decor items, baby clothing and items, young child items and clothing, home electronics, furniture, and military uniform items. All goods have been donated and no payments to volunteers will be made nor will any payment be received for donated goods, according to the Meade Attic memorandum.

“The concept for an Airman’s Attic has always been part of Air Force culture and is just an extension of how we take care of our people,” said Master Sgt. Evan, 70th ISRW Meade Attic point of contact from the 7th Intelligence Squadron. “Since there is a large contingent of Airmen in the Fort Meade area, extending this Air Force concept to the Garrison was the idea from beginning. Even though within the Air Force we refer to it as the ‘Airmen’s Attic,’ here we call it ‘The Meade Attic’ assisting members of the military and their dependents regardless of the uniform they wear.”

Back in October 2016, the 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing had requested a new, bigger location for the Meade Attic. They were able to capitalize on a location that was scheduled to be demolished, said Evan.

According to the memorandum, its old location, 4230 Roberts Ave., Fort Meade, Md., had been its operating location since its opening in February 2004. The current location was not ideal for the Meade Attic because of spacing. Additionally, the current location was an old firehouse, which occasionally had water leakage on the cement floor.

Once the 70th ISRW received the “green light,” more than 50 volunteers throughout the Wing helped to make the move.

Volunteers provided their time and in some cases their resources such as moving trailers and pickup trucks to stand up the new location.

"The Meade Attic is a completely volunteer based initiative that has benefited service members across Team Meade for years,” said Chief Master Sgt. Benjamin Higginbotham, 70th ISRW command chief. “Recently, the Attic moved locations and we would not have been able to accomplish this without the help of our military and civilian volunteers across Fort Meade. Volunteers helped with cleaning, mopping, painting, building shelves and the laborious task of transferring the inventory from the old to new location.”

The command chief added that he respectfully and sincerely thanks each and every one of the volunteers that made the move happen.

“This massive undertaking was championed by Master Sgt. Evan, Master Sgt. Oscar, Chief Petty Officer Nick, Ms. Maria and Ms. Fatima,” Higginbotham said. “Their passion, dedication, and willingness to help others is remarkable. Your work allows the Meade Attic to continue to take care of our own and improve the quality of life for military members and their families across Team Meade.”


“All of this was done while simultaneously keeping both locations operating, so if members and their families needed the resources, they could have access to them,” Evan said.

The move took approximately 90-calendar days for the total transfer and to bring the new facility to fully mission capable.

The Meade Attic’s current hours of operation are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for E-6 and below. Additionally, it will be open on the first Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for all ranks.

With a valid military identification, junior enlisted service members of any branch of the service and their families can utilize the Meade Attic.

For more information about the Meade Attic or to volunteer, please e-mail Individuals can also simply show up during the operational hours and lend their hands as there is always work to be done.