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Official Air Force Photo of Chief Master Sgt. Craig A. Neri, Superintendent, Air Force Technical Applications Center, Patrick AFB, Fla. It's what's on the mailbox that counts
A few years ago Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force #5 Bob Gaylor visited MacDill AFB, Fla., to speak at a Community College of the Air Force graduation. He told a story about one hot San Antonio summer day when he and his neighbor were working in their front yards. After a couple of hours in the sweltering Texas heat, the Chief turned to his
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Default Air Force Logo Is Back Yard Grilling Really High Risk?
When I was a Lieutenant, a wise old fighter pilot told me that complacency is a killer. His comment was likely borne from the many tragedies that he had witnessed over the years, some spawned by inattention. My own recent near miss while performing a relatively mundane task could have met with disaster. The incident reminded me in stark terms that
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Default Air Force Logo AF ISR, cyber link for stronger Air Force operations
The Internet, software, cell phones, communication technology, satellite transmissions and secure transactions impact virtually every aspect of our daily lives.Those capabilities, collectively, make up what we've come to call "cyberspace." Cyberspace has become so entrenched and so vital to U.S. interests that attacks on our cyber enterprise have
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Default Air Force Logo Resilient Airmen turn stress into success
We are a resilient organization! We have experienced multiple transformations in the last 25 years, from several manpower reductions to budget highs and lows to the continuing issue of sequestration and this summer's furlough of our civilian personnel. Our professionals around the globe are struggling with the uncertainty of our future and the
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Default Air Force Logo Furloughed, frustrated and fortunate
Now that the reality of my Sequestration-mandated furlough has come and gone, the extra days off gave me some time to assess my situation.Make no mistake, no amount of empathy by others can take the sting out of being ordered not to do your job without pay when you're perfectly able to do so. It's an unsavory business practice that leaves a sour
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The sacrifice of our military paid for many of our freedoms, including enjoying sports. (Graphic illustration by George Serna) It's what we're fighting for
Now that National Football League training camps are underway I hark back to the NFL season of 2001.Right after 9/11 there was a movement in this country to cancel sporting events, particularly NFL games, to protect Americans from terrorism, because Uncle Sam is involved in an armed conflict.I said it then and I'll say it now - Game On!That's what
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Intramural sports enable military participants to rekindle their love of the game while fostering other intangibles like healthy competition, camaraderie, pride, accomplishment, belonging and stress relief. (U.S. Air Force graphic)    'Show me the old-school intramurals'
I've learned one thing playing and covering military sports - Airmen play for the love of the game.The more specific reasons why they play intramurals are as varied as the folks who play them. For many, intramural sports are a necessary outlet for healthy competition and camaraderie, not to mention stress relief.While the movie character "Jerry
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Default Air Force Logo People First, Mission Always, Safety Forever
To all Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency Airmen:I want to take this opportunity to tell all of you how honored I am to serve as your commander. Laura and I are delighted to be here. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms. I am excited about our future. I know there are plenty of challenges out there, yet there are
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Former San Antonio Spur and Olympian David Robinson poses during a visit by Team USA to the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., April 6, 2006. (U. S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeely)  Admiring 'The Admiral's' core values
With all the local hoopla these days surrounding the San Antonio Spurs "Drive for Five," as in their fifth National Basketball Association championship, I thought the time was right to resurrect an opinion I penned back in 2005 about the team's iconic big man David Robinson.For the record, I am NOT a Spurs fan, apologist or shill. My favorite pro
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(U.S. Air Force Graphic/Tech. Sgt. Trevor Tiernan) If you text, drive - we're lucky to be alive
They can't go anywhere without doing it. Their daily routine revolves around doing it. They'd rather be doing it than most anything else. They can't live without doing it. They're texters...I call them addicts. I have a real problem with their "addiction" when they attempt to drive. Notice I said attempt, because no one can safely operate a motor
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