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Chief Master Sgt. Mark Thomas, 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance  Wing command chief, mentors Airmen E-1 through E-6, during the “Look Competitive, Be Competitive” symposium, July 16 and 17, Fort George G. Meade Md. The symposium sponsored by the Fort Meade 5/6 Professional Development Committee offered Airmen a chance to hear Senior enlisted leaders from the wing on various career progression opportunities. (U.S. Air Force by Tech. Sgt. Veronica Pierce) Symposium offers training on 'Looking Competitive'
The Air Force is implementing changes to the enlisted evaluation and promotion systems. As seen through various discussions, Airmen are eager to learn how they can remain competitive and stay on top of their careers.To help educate Airmen on these changes, the Fort Meade 5/6 Professional Development Committee recently held a "Look Competitive, Be
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Staff Sgt. Brooke Hairston, 743rd Intelligence Support Squadron, performs as a member of the 2015 edition of Tops In Blue, the United States Air Force's premiere traveling entertainment troupe. (Photo courtesy of Chris Burch)    Perseverance pays off for 25 AF singer
Staff Sgt. Brooke Hairston of the 743rd Intelligence Support Squadron began her military career standing outside the doors of the Tops in Blue headquarters here wishing she was inside.Now, she's performing center stage for the Air Force's premiere entertainment troupe. Hairston says her climb to the top of military 'show business' began at 2
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Senior Airman James Barrigar, 543rd Support Squadron, hovers his quad copter racer, checking for any abnormalities prior to a drone race March 14 in Olmos Park, San Antonio. (U. S. Air Force photo by William Belcher) First Person View gives Airman bird's-eye view
Senior Airman James Barrigar, a self-proclaimed introvert, needed something to get him out of the house. Before joining the Air Force in July 2012, he toyed around with small quad helicopters."Nothing fancy or expensive, but fun to zip up and down the street...and easy to break," the 23-year-old Jacksonville, N.C., native said.He enjoyed fixing and
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White House Fellow, Class of 2012-2013, then Maj. Ariel Batungbacal, 25th Intelligence Squadron Director of Operations, delivers a briefing at the Department of Labor on women veterans' economic security. (Courtesy photo) White House Fellows alum champions program
When it comes to providing its people opportunity, the Air Force is second to none - just ask one of its officers who earned herself a spot among some exclusive company as a member of the prestigious White House Fellows Program. In 2012 then Maj. Ariel Batungbacal, Joint Staff J2/Director of Intelligence's Deputy Executive Assistant at the
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Lt. Col. Timothy Richardson, Commander, 94th Intelligence Squadron, and Chief Master Sgt. retired Bill Francis lay a wreath next to the Baron 52 Memorial at the Arlington National Cemetery, Va, May 20, 2015 . Squadron Honors Members from the 6994th Security Squadron
On May 20, the men and women of the 94th Intelligence Squadron (IS) held two events at Arlington National Cemetery to honor members of the 6994th Security Squadron and its EC-47 Airborne Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) mission during the Vietnam War.The 6994th Security Squadron, one of the most decorated units of the United States Air Force Security
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Robert Watkins, 70th ISR Wing plans and programs director, and his wife, Vikki, pose for a photo during his retirement ceremony May 30, 2015, in the Meade Conference Center at Fort George G. Meade, Md. Watkins was the director of plans and programs since 2003 and assigned to the wing during his military career since 2000. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Dillon White) 70th ISR Wing bids farewell to plans and programs director
The 70th ISR Wing was activated Aug. 16, 2000, and after nearly 15 years, very few of the people who can recall the moment from personal experience still punch the clock under the same banner.Robert Watkins was one of those few assigned to the wing during its fledgling year as a lieutenant colonel and shortly after retiring his uniform, he
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Air Force Technical Applications Center forward Shawn White anticipates a pass during a charity match against the Florida Institute of Technology Panthers March 21, 2015.  (U.S. Air Force photo by George Mirda)
AFTAC hockey team plays FIT in charity game
It may have been 84 degrees outside, but inside, the ice was frozen solid and the enthusiasm sky high.Thirteen members of the Air Force Technical Applications Center here faced off against players from Florida Institute of Technology's hockey team March 21 to raise money for the wounded warriors.The charity game was the brain child of Master Sgt.
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Army Cadet Third Class Andrew Parker locates his late grandfather, Chief Master Sgt. (Retired) Stewart Engbretson, on a 25th Air Force Headquarters Hall of Honor wall plaque March 17. Parker used his Spring break from West Point to learn about his grandfather's significant contributions to the Air Force intelligence community.
(U. S. Air Force photo by Gloria Vasquez) West Point cadet traces family legacy at 25 AF
For many college students this year's edition of Spring break signaled their annual migration to fun-in-the-sun destinations, their schoolwork in rear view mirrors.One United States Military Academy sophomore had a different plan.Cadet Third Class Andrew Parker used his respite from the rigors of West Point life to connect with a grandfather he
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Master Sgt. Jeremy Tometczak of 25th Air Force and his Guamanian children pause during their vacation in Hawaii July 2014, on their way from Guam to San Antonio, Texas. It marked the first time the youngsters were in the United States. (Courtesy photo)  From single to single parent times four
Master Sgt. Jeremy Tometczak's chance assignment to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, four years ago proved to be the chance of a lifetime for four Guamanian youngsters.In 2011, then Tech. Sgt. Tometczak, an electronic warfare maintenance troop, arrived on Guam."The way I received that assignment had to be fate," he said. "There is only one billet for
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Stinson O-49 at Patterson Field in WWII, like those flown by the 70th Observation Group. 20 Feb 1942, 70th observation group suffers its first operational causalities
On Dec. 7, 1941, The Japanese Empire attacked American forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In the months following the attack, Japanese submarines patrolled off the United States Pacific Coast conducting sporadic attacks on American shipping and shore installations. Although the Japanese submarine offensive in the Pacific was not as large or
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