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AFTAC Ciambrone Radiochemistry Lab

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Melissa Dawkins (right), a chemist at the Ciambrone Radiochemistry Laboratory, Patrick AFB, Fla., explains to newly-assigned chemists 2nd Lts. Kaleb Mitchell (left) and Jessica Lewer (center) how samples that undergo radiochemical separations are inspected.  Scientists from CRL, which is headquartered at the Air Force Technical Applications Center, use analytical chemistry methods to determine if trace levels of radioactive debris are present in environmental samples as part of AFTAC’s nuclear treaty monitoring mission.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Susan A. Romano) Ions and betas and treaties, oh my!
In a world filled with uncertainty and growing concerns about the global proliferation of nuclear weaponry, there is one organization in the Department of Defense dedicated to identifying debris from possible atomic explosions and analyzing the findings for national decision makers.The Ciambrone Radiochemistry Laboratory, which opened its doors at
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