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Twenty-Fifth Air Force

The Twenty-Fifth Air Force provides multisource intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance products, applications and resources, to include cyber and geospatial forces and expertise. Additionally, it is the Service Cryptologic Component responsible to the National Security Agency/Central Security Service for Air Force matters involving the conduct of cryptologic activities, including the full spectrum of missions directly related to both tactical warfighting and national-level operations.

Execute worldwide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance to protect and defend the United States and its global interests. 

Employ innovative intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, cyber and electronic warfare capabilities, fully integrated into joint, multi-domain operations, to detect, disrupt, deter, destroy and defeat our adversaries. 

A Continuing Legacy

A continuing legacyMore than 70 years ago, Col. Richard P. Klocko initiated actions to create an Air Force organization designed to handle special information. Based on his actions, the Air Force established the United States Air Force Security Service (USAFSS) in October 1948. It was the precursor to today's 25th Air Force. The 25 AF has been known by many names throughout the years as this specialized security organization adapted to fulfill growing mission requirements, meet emerging threats and maintain its motto: Freedom Through Vigilance.

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A Continuing Legacy Chronology 1948-2016      The First History 1948-1949    A Continuing Legacy Photo Book Edition  
 A Continuing Legacy
 Chronology: 1948 - 2016
   The First History
 1948 - 1948
  A Continuing Legacy
Photo Book Edition
A Continuing Legacy Chronology 1948-2016      USAFSS 1948-2019    A Continuing Legacy Photo Book Edition  
 A Continuing Legacy
 USAFSS to 25 AF: 1948 - 2015
1948 - 2019
  A Continuing Legacy
2017 Photo Book Edition


Maj. Gen. Timothy Haugh

Vice Commander

Brig. Gen. George M. Reynolds

Command Chief

Chief Master Sgt. Summer Leifer