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25th Air Force - Security and Policy Review Program

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25th Air Force Security and Policy Review Program Icon

Security and Policy Review represents an ongoing effort to inform and increase Public understanding of the mission, operations, and programs of the Air Force.

The objective of the Security and Policy Review process is to ensure the maximum clearance of information in minimum time.

The purpose of the security review is to protect classified information, controlled unclassified sensitive information, or unclassified information that may individually or in aggregate lead to an unauthorized disclosure which can adversely impact national and operational security. The purpose of the policy review is to ensure no conflict exists with established Air Force, DoD, or other U.S. Government agency policies.

This fact sheet details the process for the 25th Air Force Security and Policy Review program. For more information, read AFI 35-102, Security and Policy Review Program.

Material proposed for public release that mentions 25th Air Force organizations, Air Force, Department of Defense, or any other government agency's plans, policies, programs, operations, budget, personnel or activities, needs to be cleared through Security and Policy Review. If your material does not mention or discuss any of these issues, or foreign policy/military operations, it probably doesn't require coordination.

The following are examples of Security and Policy Review submissions: Presentation charts, briefing slides, photos, videos, speeches, abstracts, manuscripts, technical papers, dissertations, theses, Congressional Hearing statements, reports to Congress, multimedia products, journal articles, and news releases. If there is uncertainty on whether to submit, contact Public Affairs.

Only submit material proposed to be released to a public forum. Material intended to be shared exclusively with Air Force, DoD and defense contractors involved in the program, also known as closed forums, normally does not require Security and Policy Review.

Do NOT submit contractual documents or other material intended for posting to the Federal Business Opportunities (www.FBO.gov) website in support of the DoD acquisition mission. Although these materials should be reviewed by unit Operational Security Managers and Foreign Disclosure personnel to verify they do not contain critical information before they are posted, Air Force policy precludes sending them through the Security and Policy Review process.

First, submitters must attach the 25th Air Force Security and Policy Review Worksheet fillable form found on the Public Affairs Sharepoint site, Security and Policy Review tab: https://lackland.eis.aetc.af.mil/25af/Public%20Affairs/Security%20and%20Policy%20Review/SitePages/Home.aspx. For access to this site, please provide first and last name of requestor to 743ISS.SCOK.KMC@us.af.mil. Requestors must have a government common access card to access this site.

The 25th AF Security and Policy Review Worksheet, is the prescribed form. Detailed instructions for completion are on page two of the form.
Second, coordinate the material you want cleared for Public release, through your organization. After obtaining a signature from your directorate, you may submit documents to Public Affairs. However……

Only submit hard copies of documents to Public Affairs, UNLESS A2S and OPSEC have reviewed and cleared the products. If cleared, customers may submit documents electronically to either 25AF.PA.Workflow@us.af.mil or to the Public Affairs Sharepoint site, Security and Policy Review tab https://lackland.eis.aetc.af.mil/25af/Public%20Affairs/Security%20and%20Policy%20Review/SitePages/Home.aspx

If submitting files for electronic review to the Public Affairs Sharepoint site, submitters must follow up with an email notification to 25AF.PA.Workflow@us.af.mil to ensure receipt.

Alternatively, electronic versions of submitted documents (CD/DVD) may be hand carried or mailed to: 25 AF/PA, 102 Hall Blvd, Suite 106, San Antonio, TX 78243.

If you have any difficulty, please e-mail or contact Public Affairs at the numbers listed below.

Please allow five working days for review. However, if the submission requires higher level review (criteria is listed in AFI 35-102), please allow up to 45 days lead time.

Rush cases requiring review in less than five working days must be justified and must accompany the 25th AF form.

25 AF/PA will notify the submitter by email with final determination, after coordinating with all appropriate agencies. It is the submitter's responsibility to further notify all interested parties of the release decision.

The most frequent security and policy review determinations are:
Cleared for Release
Cleared, with Recommendation
Cleared, as Amended
Objection, Not Cleared
AF No Objection (additional coordination required by other non-AF agencies)
AF No Equity
Contact us:
25 AF/PA
Telephone: 210-977-2166 or DSN: 969-2166
Alt Telephone: 210-977-2349 or DSN: 969-2349
E-mail: 25AF.PA.Workflow@us.af.mil
Last updated: Oct 2016