A Continuing Legacy

More than 63 years ago, Col. Richard P. Klocko initiated actions to create an Air Force unit designed to handle special information. Based on his actions, the Air Force established the Air Force Security Group in June 1948. It was the precursor to today's 25th Air Force. The 25 AF has been known by many names throughout the years as this specialized security organization adapted to fulfill growing mission requirements, meet emerging threats and maintain its motto: Freedom Through Vigilance.

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25th AF History Documents

                           A Continuing Legacy Magazine 1948-2015            

A Continuing Legacy Chronology 1948-2016

 A Continuing Legacy Chronology 1948-2014

 A Continuing Legacy Chronology 1948-2012


The First History 1948-1949

                       A Continuing Legacy USAFSS to 25AF Legacy Journal Dec. 2017

NASIC Heritage Pamphlet

480th ISR Wing Heritage Pamphlet


                          A Continuing Legacy                                Special Photo Book Edition Volume 2                                     

Note:These documents contain unaltered transcriptions and photographs from the respective time periods.

138th Signal Radio Intelligence Company 1942-1944

1st Radio Squadron Mobile (J) 1944-1945

6911th Radio Squadron, Mobile May 1955 - August 1956

Historic Emblems

1948 - 1979

1979 - 1991

1991 - 1993

1993 - 2007

2007 - 2014

25 AF
2014 - Present


25AF Brief History

25 AF Brief History 
History of the Emblem 


    Lackland Base Operator
(210) 671-1110
DSN 473-1110

 25th Air Force Public Affairs
(210) 977-2166
DSN 969-2166

25th Air Force Protocol
(210) 977-2971
DSN 969-2971

Weather Advisories
(210) 671-NEWS (6397)