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Counter-proliferation advanced by 34th IS analyst, earning NIPA-CP

(U.S. Air Force graphic by Alexx Pons)

(U.S. Air Force graphic by Alexx Pons)


The National Intelligence Professional Award for Counter Proliferation (NIPA-CP) award was recently presented twice by the Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, The Honorable Sue Gordon, to Airmen from the 34th Intelligence Squadron, 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing.


Each year, individuals and teams from within the Intelligence Community (IC) are recognized for their contributions that have enhanced the profession. The recipient of the first place award in the ‘Analysis’ category was Master Sgt. Benjamin, 34th IS Joint Operations superintendent, and his team.


“I led our contingent of an inter-agency team of IC analysts who were recognized for outstanding service between March and June 2018,” Benjamin said. “My team and I made extraordinary contributions to further the counter-proliferation mission of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and in support of U.S. national security.”


Counter-proliferation was created to diplomatically track, deny and/or deter adversary’s illicit and purposeful means of weapons of mass destruction. Today, the IC uses strategies to combat or deter potential spread of weapons giving leaders options for national security. Airmen from the 70th ISRW do this by training, focusing on readiness and remain resilient while working with other IC’s.


Benjamin credits his team’s comprehensive analysis, commitment to collaboration, and bias for action for helping creating programs and processes to better the IC professionally. “They were able to provide solid capabilities that will benefit multiple intelligence communities and the Department of Defense as a whole,” he said.  


Another team led by Tech. Sgt. David and Senior Airman Eric, 34th IS, were also recognized as runner-ups in the same category.


Unlike most awards in the Air Force, the NIPA-CP is given to those who have been sought out by an outside agency. Benjamin pointed out that his team was not nominated by their chain of command, but by an entirely separate intelligence agency.


“Master Sgt. Benjamin, Tech. Sgt. David, and Senior Airman Eric are three superb examples of the hundreds of 34th IS "Ducks" who work tirelessly within the Intelligence Community to lead teams and execute strategic missions which are critical to national security,” said Lt. Col. Daniel Beall, 34th IS commander. “I am incredibly proud of them for their outstanding work.”