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Safe driving during winter season

(U.S. Air Force graphic by Alexx Pons)

(U.S. Air Force graphic by Alexx Pons)


Winter has arrived once again and with the drop in temperature, rain systems, strong wind currents and even fog, there is an increased risk to those driving.

The 9th Security Forces Squadron reminds those who call Recce Town home and the surrounding populace to practice safety precautions during this time of year.

"Due to low visibility, especially while there is fog, we urge drivers to follow traffic laws and pay attention to road conditions," said Airman 1st Class Roman Natera Sandoval, 9th SFS defender.

The morning after a storm, clouds will typically clear out and allow an environment where a heavy blanket of fog can form and remain until the temperatures rise later in the day.

"Temperature can decrease enough to reach dew point after it rains, causing fog and reducing visibility," said Staff Sgt. Kyle Lever, 9th Operational Support Squadron weather technician. "We can experience this from as early as November through February."

With slick roads from the rain and low visibility, drivers have an increased risk of a vehicular accident.

Natera Sandoval wants people to remember that with school in session, youth center activities and base housing, driving without distractions is important in keeping community members safe.

"Don't text and drive and make sure your heads lights are on," he said. "We want everyone to be safe on the roads and enjoy this time of year."