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  • COMMENTARY: Leadership in a Selfie Culture

    Almost everywhere you look on a military installation, you see photos of the chain of command proudly displayed on the walls. These men and women are seen as leaders within the profession of arms. But what can you really tell from their portrait? And, what should the portrait of a leader look like? Wait -- some of you might want to hold off and
  • AFTAC molecular biologist represents Air Force at SWE18 conference

    A molecular biologist assigned to the Air Force Technical Applications Center here represented the Air Force at the Society of Women Engineers’ annual conference Oct. 18-20, 2018 in Minneapolis.Julia Ignacek, deputy director of AFTAC’s Strategic Integration Directorate, was invited to serve as a panelist during a session entitled, “Leading
  • Air Force Chief Scientist pays visit to treaty monitoring center

    The Chief Scientist of the Air Force paid a visit to the Department of Defense’s sole nuclear treaty monitoring center recently to meet with senior leaders and attend the center’s annual Research and Development Roadmap Forum.Dr. Richard J. Joseph was one of 169 mission partners and community stakeholders who attended the Air Force Technical
  • Downrange ‘MacGyvers’ creatively get the job done

    For six successive years starting in 1986, faithful viewers tuned in every evening before Monday Night Football to see what kind of clever solutions Secret Agent Angus MacGyver would concoct to solve cases for the fictional Department of External Services.The rise of MacGyver’s popularity largely stemmed from his innovative and resourceful use of
  • Musical Tesla Coil, 3-D printer draws crowd at Science Bowl

    With the help of members of the Air Force Technical Applications Center, children and adults alike were drawn to synchronized music emanating from a Tesla coil on display at the National Organization of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers annual conference Sept. 17-18 in Orlando.The conference is NOBCChE’s premier event where visiting students
  • Creative prototype leads to fielded implementation

    When members of the only agency in the Department of Defense charged with monitoring nuclear treaties discovered shipped equipment was not being accurately accounted for at forward supply points, they took to the drawing board to devise a solution.Airmen from the Air Force Technical Applications Center here were determined to solve negative
  • Chemist at AFTAC earns award from national Hispanic organization

    A scientist at the Air Force Radiochemistry Laboratory here was selected to receive the Meritorious Service Award from National Image, Inc.Diana Velosa, a chemist in the Air Force Technical Applications Center’s Ciambrone Radiochemistry Lab, earned the award for “fostering an innovative and harmonic environment between the military and the
  • AFTAC Hockey takes trophy at charity match

    Players from the Athletes for Teamwork and Charity Hockey Club competed against the Tampa Bay Firefighters Aug. 25 to raise money for adolescent burn victims and walked away with the coveted Traveling Challenge Cup trophy.The AFTAC Hockey Club, a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization, faced off against firemen from the greater Tampa area for
  • Center exercises capability to relocate treaty monitoring mission

    The Air Force Technical Applications Center exercised its capability to transfer its critical nuclear treaty monitoring mission Aug. 14-15 to the center’s newly established contingency operations location in Millington, Tenn.AFTAC is the sole organization in the Department of Defense tasked with monitoring worldwide nuclear detonations and with
  • AFTAC upgrades phone system to enhance security

    The Air Force Technical Applications Center here replaced its full complement of telephones to meet or exceed established security requirements outlined in guidance from the Committee on National Security Systems. AFTAC’s workforce of more than 1,000 operates in a sensitive compartmented information facility, or SCIF, where it conducts its