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  • Leadership, we walk the talk

    If I ask someone in the 70th Intelligence Wing what the above statement was I would probably hear: "that's our phrase of the month." Although that would be a true statement, I believe it really misses the point. Our commander, Col. Jim Keffer, doesn't create these catchy phrases because he has gobs of free time on his hands. He crafts them for two
  • AUTUMN PEGASUS exercise provides poignant lessons for 70th MSS Airmen

    The stage was set, the inescapable firefight only moments away. Adrenaline surged through my veins as I unsafed my weapon. I and the four other Airmen of Alpha Team prepared for urban combat against an armed and dangerous enemy force lying in wait a hundred yards ahead, across a jumbled streetscape of graffiti-marred concrete. In a whirl, the fight
  • Think safety this season avoid holiday stressors

    As we roll into the holiday season, I want to again personally thank all of our 70th Intelligence Wing Wingmen for wrapping up the 101 Critical Days of Summer with no fatalities and only one serious injury across our entire 7,000 Airman wing. I ask that you continue to keep our wing's safety mindset in place throughout this wonderful season. Our
  • September, a couple of dates to remember

    September has always been a busy month in my family with the 1st being my mother's birthday, the 12th being my little sister's birthday, and the 30th being my oldest sister's birthday. It always seemed that we were remembering and celebrating all month long. After I joined the Air Force, the 18th of September became somewhat significant to me as I
  • Deployed Airmen embody spirit, devotion to GWOT

    Wow, am I pumped up about what our deployed Airmen are doing and the tremendous difference they are making in the forward fight! I just returned from a whirlwind temporary duty to Qatar, Iraq and Afghanistan with Col. Chip McCoy, 70th Operations Group commander; Lt. Col. John Colley 22nd Intelligence Squadron commander and Master Sgt. Phil Fortin,
  • Right training for right people at right time

    Training - the word means different things to different people. For example, training to an athlete usually refers to a physical regimen in order to prepare for athletic competition, to the military, however, training has two possible definitions. Our goal is to make an individual proficient in Air Force Intelligence through special instruction and
  • Intelligence training transforms

    (Editor's note: The following article is a continuation from the commentary by Col. Poss dated 7/1/2006). I began my conversation with you by describing my vision of how we want to transform intelligence training. Today, I'll go into greater detail about one aspect of that transformation, Weaponizing Intelligence Combat Capability-Training. WICC-T