Deployed Airmen embody spirit, devotion to GWOT

FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. -- Wow, am I pumped up about what our deployed Airmen are doing and the tremendous difference they are making in the forward fight! 

I just returned from a whirlwind temporary duty to Qatar, Iraq and Afghanistan with Col. Chip McCoy, 70th Operations Group commander; Lt. Col. John Colley 22nd Intelligence Squadron commander and Master Sgt. Phil Fortin, 22nd IS first sergeant. All of us met with deployed 70th Intelligence Wing Airmen at each location. 

From airmen first class to senior NCOs and officers, our deployed Airmen make a huge contribution to the Global War on Terrorism, have a great attitude and are proud to be serving forward! 

Our National-Tactical Integration Cell at the forward Combined Air Operations Center is having terrific success. The key to their success is the expertise, dedication and hard work of our Airmen. 

They are brilliantly led and focused on bringing critical and time-sensitive information to our tactical forces who in turn take action against the targets. As a measure of their success, they were recently selected as the CAOC's Performer of the Month for June and are now competing at the CAOC level once again. 

A large number of our Airmen are also deployed as part of Cryptologic Services Groups/Teams directly supporting warfighting commanders, conventional forces and special operations forces. 

These Airmen love every minute of what they do because they can see the direct impact of their hard work each and every day. Bad guys are being rolled up because of our Airmen's contributions. 

They have learned how to fight within joint and Army organizations and have grown as Airmen and intelligence professionals because of their work. 

We also have Airmen providing Third Country National escort duties. They have become a very tight-knit band and call themselves "The Fort Meadians." 

They all volunteered for this duty, and I'm so proud of their spirit and commitment as they stepped forward to provide critical force protection for one of our forward bases that gets attacked nearly every day. Their attitude is outstanding, and they are all proud to be deployed. 

What terrific Airmen we have in the 70th Intelligence Wing! Whether we are in the fight while deployed or in the fight at home station, I can tell you that our Airmen's dedication and commitment are key to winning the Global War on Terrorism and rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan into democratic nations where their people can enjoy the liberties of freedom. We will keep on a course to make that happen. 

Thanks to each and every Airman in the 70th Intelligence Wing for what you do and for serving this great Air Force of ours and our great nation.