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  • Is your family ready for deployment?

    (Editor's note: This is part two of a three-part series on deployment readiness.) While getting ready to deploy can be stressful on an individual, it can also be stressful for the families as well. There are a lot of items that should be taken care of before an Airman leaves that he or she may not know about. To help servicemembers at AIA navigate
  • Are you ready to deploy?

    (Editor's note: This story is part one of a three-part series on deployment readiness.) With current operations overseas and reduction in manning, more and more Airmen from the Air Intelligence Agency are deploying on a regular basis. For many this is their first time deploying in direct support of operations. For others it is another deployment in
  • Epitome of Excellence

    As the nearly 71,000 ravenous football fans eagerly await the start of the game the noise level nears deafening. Down on the field four figures emerge from a tunnel, the public address announces their arrival and the rambunctious crowd immediately stands and is silent. While the team of four meticulously find its way to the 50-yard line the only
  • Realignment provides better support to warfighters

    As of July 5, the organizational chart of the Air Intelligence Agency has a new look to it. This is the most significant change to the structure of AIA since it realigned under Air Combat Command and 8th Air Force in February 2001. The most notable change was the realignment of the 70th Intelligence Wing, and its subordinate units, from 8th Air
  • SCAN IT fights hostile information

    Each time you pick up a newspaper, open an e-mail or turn on the television, you are potentially opening yourself up to hostile information. Hostile information can be intentionally or unintentionally used to demoralize, divide and affect decisions within the military and the American public. Although negative messages are sometimes planted by the
  • AFIWC teams keep F-22A secure, dynamic throughout development

    In an electronic warfare world where computer networks on the ground have become as important as airframes, two teams of Air Force Information Warfare Center specialists have been working to certify the Air Force's newest fighter is a secure flying weapons system and works with those networks. One team of seven AFIWC people and contractors with