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Tag: Winter Havoc
  • 557th WW joins 55th WG for exercise Winter Havoc

    The 557th Weather Wing joined the 55th Wing, Offutt Air Force Base’s host wing, for the Operational Readiness Exercise Winter Havoc, Jan. 29.
  • Sub-zero temps won't stop the warfighter

    Offutt Airmen battled through some of the coldest weather to hit Nebraska in decades as they participated in the first 2019 Operational Readiness Exercise held here January 28 – 30. The exercise, appropriately named Winter Havoc, tested Offutt’s ability to process a large amount of troops and cargo. All together, the IDRC and Deployment Control Cell processed 120 increments of cargo, weighing 236.4 short tons, as well as 560 personnel and 10 simulated aircraft called chalks.