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361st ISR Group Organizational Chart

Mission Statement

Mission: Win Today’s Conflicts & Prevail in Tomorrow’s– We will create a trusted and agile workforce. Employing fully trained, properly equipped and highly motivated Air Commandos to meet the mission. We will cherish our history and traditions, but value new approaches.

People: Develop and Care for Air Commandos and Their Families – We will train warriors with the ethos, skills and leadership to excel in joint special operations and as wingmen; create future Air Force and joint leaders; forge strong and supportive families; and foster the Air Commando culture.

Capabilities: Acquisition Agility--“Out-think, Out maneuver, Out –innovate” – We will create a workforce that moves easily within, to and from operational environments. We will invest in mission enabling technologies and resources, effectively manage our operations budgets, and take care of our mission essential equipment. Flexible, secure acquisition processes that delivers innovative integrated capabilities, data and expertise at mission pace.