Air Force Technical Applications Center


The Air Force Technical Applications Center at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida, is a wing-equivalent center that provides national authorities quality technical measurements to monitor nuclear treaty compliance, and develops advanced proliferation detection technologies to preserve our nation’s security. The center comprises two groups, seven squadrons, 10 detachments, and six operating locations to monitor nuclear event detection and compliance. 

AFTAC operates and maintains the U.S. Atomic Energy Detection System, using scientific means to obtain and evaluate technical data on nuclear treaty monitoring and compliance to signatory foreign government nations.

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      Col. Ralph E. Bordner    Chief Master Sergeant Amy L. Long  
Col. Chad J. Hartman
  Col. Ralph E. Bordner
Vice Commander
  Chief Master Sgt. Amy L. Long
Command Chief


Air Force Technical Applications Center
Det 415, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Operating Location A, Ankara, Turkey
Operating Location EH, Pentagon, Virginia 
Operating Location PG, Patrick AFB

709th Special Surveillance and Analysis Group
21st Surveillance Squadron, Patrick AFB
22nd Surveillance Squadron, Patrick AFB
23rd Analysis Squadron, Patrick AFB
24th Analysis Squadron, Patrick AFB
Air Force Radiochemistry Lab, Patrick AFB

709th Support Group
Det 1, Patrick AFB
709th Cyberspace Squadron, Patrick AFB
709th Support Squadron, Patrick AFB
709th Technical Maintenance Squadron, Patrick AFB